Do you want to see how your artwork looks framed before you spend your money?

Introducing vFramer. Frame It, Share it & Get the Real Frame!

Photographs are memories. Make vFramer enhance your photos by virtually framing them with hundreds of frame designs!

custom framing

Find Your Frame.

Find Your Frame Shop.

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No Spare Time?

Don't have the spare time to go the frame shop? Why not design your frame even before you set foot at the store. vFramer gives you time to save more time!

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Don't Know How to Match Photos and Frames?

Let's face it not all of us are designers. But don't let that stop you from unleashing your inner artist. Framing an image is already half the creativity battle won!

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No Problem! vFramer is Here To The Rescue!

vFramer is the future of framing! You are part of the creative process from start to finish!

Feature: Frame Builder

Choose from Hundreds of Frame Styles

We have the frames that you really want. We'll let you into a little secret - we are framers too! How cool is that. An app made by people who actually know what framing is all about!

  • custom frame styles Hundreds of frame styles from the top distributors!
  • framing mat board Comprehensive mat board collection!
  • online frame builder Easy to use frame builder interface!
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custom framing
custom framing
Feature: Sharing

Share Your Creations!

Be proud and share your virtual frames! vFramer will share to Facebook, Twitter, email, Skype, iCloud and more!

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Feature: Frame Shop Connections

Get the Real Thing!

Turn your virtual frame into the real thing. With an extensive list of custom frame shops in the USA, you're only a drive away to your nearest friendly framer of choice!

  • frame shops Dozens of frame shops to choose in your area!
  • custom framing Connect with the frames shop directly!
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vFramer is forever free to download and enjoy! In order to share your virtual frames registration is required.

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